Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What Happens If You Get Punched in the Eye 50 Times

I have written several times about my dislike for the fighting style of Georges St. Pierre. It’s incredibly effective, but he never finishes fights.
I also hate Josh Koscheck, who is usually an exciting fighter, but is such a dick (and one of the worst The Ultimate Fighter Coaches not named Rampage ever) that he’s impossible to root for unless you’re JHughes (he loves dicks).
So it was good on two counts Saturday night that GSP finally fought an exciting fight (though he still didn’t finish) and Koscheck got his ass kicked.
GSP knew he wouldn’t have the distinct wrestling advantage he enjoys against other fighters, so he trained on his boxing. He boxed like a champ, breaking Koscheck’s orbital bone in the first round and pounding on it the rest of the fight.
Take a look at the picture below of Koscheck's severely fucked up eye.
The overall card was weak (so is the one for UFC 125) but at least the main event was fun to watch.

Picture of Josh Koscheck's fucked up eye

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ton said...

I agree 100% with what you said. I don't hate GSP as much after that, but he still didn't go for the finish. I think he's totally scared to engage and get hit after the Matt Serra loss.

You know what I'm starting to get annoyed with? Recently, there have been some fights with "bad blood" between them, lots of talk etc etc which seems totally justified and legit. Then afterward, they make a point in the post fight interview to say "I was just pumping the fight, he's a great fighter, give him a hand". I understand that for the most part, they all do something to pump it up, but it's starting to water down the experience a little when the completely admit that the entire thing was a ruse.