Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Which Would You Rather Have?

It's pretty well-documented that Derek Jeter has the best life of anyone, anywhere, ever. Jeter just moved into a new mansion in Davis Islands near Tampa, Florida. It is in this home where he has sex with Minka Kelly.
But I would say if you had only half of what he had, you'd still be doing much better than most. But which half would you take?

30,875 square foot mansion
34-23-33 girlfriend


Paul said...

This was a really difficult one for me because you can't put a price on true love.

But as a practical matter, because the wife I have is a lot closer to Minka Kelly than the house I have compared to that mansion, I chose the mansion.

Reissberg said...

It's a no-brainer... If you have the mansion, the Minka Kellys of the world will follow, no?

Derek Jeter said...

"I've worked my ass off for anything I've ever achieved or gotten. I'm not just the heir to a fortune." (Jems)

Paul said...

That's a sheisty Jewish lawyer's answer. I guess with this crowd I should have been more specific. Which has more value to you personally, the house or the girl?

Either way, the point isn't really how you voted, it's about how close the decision actually is. And how lucky that fuckin dirtbag really is.