Monday, December 22, 2014

Digital Good Samaritan

Trusted friend, caring sister, beloved Aunt and former shaving products magnate Razor is adding a new title to her long list of superlatives, she is now a digital good Samaritan. Over the weekend she found instagram posts threatening the police like one from "Woodgramflexinn" which said he was on his way to New York to kill two more cops. She forwarded it to a tipline for the NYPD, which then alerted authorities in his area (Tennessee) which went to the guy's house and determined the threat was not serious. The Fox affiliate in Memphis contacted Razor and eventually wrote this article about the incident.

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RZR said...

Thank you, thank you. The NY Post reports that the idiot claimed he was drunk when he posted the threat. I don't believe that he was drunk. He was trolling all over Instagram for hours - no indication that he was drunk - everything was spelled correctly and worded in a sober manner. Hopefully the visit by Memphis PD and the Department of Homeland Security scared him straight. Jerk.