Saturday, March 21, 2015

Tournament Thoughts: Late Friday

We start the evening session off with a nice piece of cheese for Duke. Absolutely dominating Robert Morris.

But at least we got a new addition to Mrs. Poop's All-Hair team. Robert Morris's Andre Frederick.

Don't need to watch the second half of this one though.

Oklahoma State vs Oregon is really showing off the color capabilities of my TV.

Oregon gives the Pac-12 a perfect opening round, Arizona, UCLA and Utah all won.

Terrible opening round for the Big 12 though. Oklahoma St., Texas, Baylor and Iowa State all out in Round 1.

Total domination by Iowa. I only picked them because I thought too many people were picking Davidson based solely on the fact that Steph Curry went there. But even he couldn't have helped them tonight. Ok, maybe he could have.

Not sure why they have a camera in the living room of Peter Hooley's family home. Why not bring them to where the cameras are? They couldn't travel to Columbus, Ohio? I know his mom recently passed, but I don't understand why they're at the game. And why they chose to sent a camera crew to record his sister's reactions.

Frank Kaminsky is excellent. I really want to see the matchup between him and Kentucky's bigs in the a national semifinal.

San Diego State's Malik Pope made Billy's All-Hair Team.

St. John's gave it a great effort and man did they push the pace, they just couldn't make enough shots, or hold San Diego State long enough to really cut the lead to a threatening number.

If Gonzaga is the West Coast mid-major version of Duke, then Kevin Pangos is JJ Reddick.

Sir'Dominic Pointer is on every All-Name team. And his sister's name is Miz'Unique.

And speaking of names, Dayton has Bobby Wehrli (rhymes with Hurley) and Scoochie Smith (real name: Dayshon).

It's the Flyers vs. the Friars. I wonder if there are two other teams whose names rhyme. We know Syracuse will never play in such a game.

Providence coach Ed Cooley lost more than 100 pounds after getting bariatric surgery a couple years ago. He doesn't even look like the same guy, except for the weird hair thing.

Why would the committee do this? I still can't understand how they can send Dayton to Dayton, isn't there a rule saying you can't play a tournament game on a court where you hosted at least 3 games during the regular season? Why is Dayton exempt. And then send them to Columbus for the first round. I don't believe the home court advantage matters that much, but why open yourself up to the criticism?

So we end the day with only even minor upset. That tends to happen after a big day of upsets on day 1. But it does set us up for some good games on Sunday. Looking forward to it.


Bill said...

I strongly dislike Fran McCaffery. Glad his son is alright, but he's too similar to Boeheim - an arrogant curmudgeon. Last year he bumped an official and this year he defended his player for blatantly eye gouging. When he's not bristling at the media he tries to display charm with simple quips.

Paul said...

I agree on McCaffrey. Glad his kid didn't die but that's no reason to behave so boorishly. Very Boeheimian treatment of other people