Friday, June 19, 2015

The Chick That Got Panda In Trouble

Pablo Sandoval was benched for one game for clicking "like" on some instagram photos during the game. Kung Fu Panda says he grabbed the phone on the way to the bathroom during a game. And he admitted liking a couple photos. The professional shit-stirrers at Bar Stool Sports noticed this and immediately ratted out Sandoval.

Pabs knows a fine is coming and completely admits that he fucked up by violating a rule banning the use of electronic devices during the game. But he just couldn't resist the photos of diva_legacy.

We can see two big reasons he liked the pictures.

We don't know much about Miss Diva_Legacy yet, except that she likes selfies, eyebrow grooming and push-up bras. We also know she is not the former Mrs. Sandoval.
Nor is she Dubcy Romero who was purportedly Sandoval's girlfriend as recently as last year.

You can blame the guy for liking big-tittie latina hunneez but he needs to learn a thing or two about being discreet.

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