Sunday, September 13, 2015

Weekly Picks

Each new season provides a new opportunity. An opportunity for what? That remains to be seen. I haven't been doing well the past few seasons but I trust this is my year to turn it around.

indianapolis -2 1/2 BUFFALO
The Colts are my Super Bowl pick and Andrew Luck is my MVP. And Buffalo doesn't have a QB anywhere close.

carolina -3 JACKSONVILLE
The Jaguars are still really bad, thought I don't love the Panthers this year I do think they are better than the Jags.

HOUSTON +1 kansas city
I don't like Alex Smith going up against this defense. Though with Foster and without a real QB, the Texans might have trouble scoring.

green bay -7 CHICAGO
This is a pretty big spread but I trust the Packers to put up enough points to cover.

minnesota -2 1/2 SAN FRANCISC
Pretty sure the 49ers have 100% turnover rate on their roster from last season, and no Harbaugh either. The Vikings are my Bill Cosby (sleeper) pick this year thanks to Teddy PuenteAgua (Spanish for Bridgewater).

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