Saturday, January 02, 2016

New Year, New Adventures

I would like to start off 2016 by announcing the arrival of a new Baby Poop due in May.

Here's Chase and Julian's reaction when we told them.

"It's so crazy. I feel like it's not real."

We wanted to find out the gender, for obvious reasons, to figure out whether we needed to go out and buy a bunch of pink shit or just go up into the attic and bring down the blue shit.

So Mrs. Poop got the results of the test in an envelope, gave it to the people at Party City who filled an opaque black balloon with the corresponding color shredded paper.

We periscoped the big reveal:

Mrs. Poop was able to borrow an at-home Doppler, so here is the baby's heartbeat:

And to answer the question all of you are asking: No, it was not an accident or a surprise. This was the result of very careful planning.
We had to wait to buy a house to have another baby. We wanted to do DisneyWorld also. And Mrs. Poop had always wanted a May baby so she could have June, July and August off. Baby is due May 27th.


Damino said...

So awesome and congrats to you and the Mrs.!

ton said...

Congrats. I hope he is born on May 26th. He'd be a welcomed addition to the team.

juice said...

"careful planning" - so hot these days

mazel tov kids....