Monday, February 29, 2016

Grayson Allen Does It Again

Duke's new white asshole Grayson Allen tripped another player.
Last time it was Louisville's Raymond Spalding.
This time it is Florida State's Xavier Rathan-Mayes.
With three seconds left in a 15 point game, Allen sticks his leg back to intentionally trip Rathan-Mayes.

The ACC issued a stern reprimand and Coach K stood by the decision not to suspend his star player.
Especially because this form of discipline worked the last time.
Coach K said this type of reprimand is the standard for a flagrant-1 foul, and that Allen shouldn't face more severe punishment than other players guilty of similar infractions.
But I think the thing he's missing here is that's it's his second time in short succession.
Had a player punched two opponents, surely he'd be suspended.
Committed two overly aggressive flagrant fouls, maybe not.
But anyone can see that this entitled prick needs a punishment more severe than a sharp rebuke.

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Damino said...

I think he should be suspended for a game for exactly the reason you mentioned - he did this twice in short order. Totally unacceptable and he should be punished for this conduct. I certainly don't think he should be banned from hoops for the season as some UNC partisans might want, but he should have to sit for a game or maybe two.