Monday, March 14, 2016

Pi Day Gets Even Better

When it comes to birthdays, especially in sports, December 30th is the undefeated, undisputed King of Birthdays with LeBron James, Tiger Woods and Sandy Koufax.
February 17th with Jim Brown and Michael Jordan is a close second.
But in the Poop house, it's all about March 14th.
Not only is it Pi Day, 3.14.
It is my all-time favorite player's birthday:

Kirby Puckett would be 55 were he still alive today.

It is also the birthday of Chase's favorite player:

Steph Curry turns 28 today.

And you haven't heard of her yet but you soon will, Simone Biles turns 19 today. She is likely going to be America's Sweetheart emerging from this year's Summer Olympics in Rio. She has won the all-around competition at the last 3 World Championships and is the prohibitive favorite to do so at the Olympics as well.

And if that's not enough, Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879, 137 years ago.

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