Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Payback's a Bitch

All the North Carolina fans are bemoaning their bad luck today, losing the National Championship game on a buzzer-beater. How awful!
And yes, it must be heartbreaking and if it happened to Syracuse I would still be in my bed, under the covers, cry-bernating, but, remember the game was tied. If Villanova didn't win it there, it was going to overtime, a roughly 50.50 proposition.
It has got to be a lot worse to lose a championship where you actually have a lead with less than a second to play!
And a miracle 3 beats you.
That actually happened. And in this case North Carolina was the WINNING team.
1994 women's NCAA tournament, UNC (in white) vs. Louisiana Tech (in light blue).

That was Charlotte Smith with the game-winner and if you keep the video rolling you will see a young Marion Jones at the bottom of the pile.

So as you see, North Carolina really has nothing to complain about.
Live by the title-winning, buzzer-beating 3, die by the title-winning, buzzer-beating 3.

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