Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I Guess We Weren't The Only Ones

As troublesome high school Spanish students, Reissberg, myself and others used to translate people's names from Spanish to English and vice versa.
We loved the 49ers dynamic passing duo, Esteban Joven a Jerry Arroz (Steve Young to Jerry Rice).
We delighted at soccer player Charles Blackmouth (Carlos Bocanegra).
And our favorite player ever was Seattle Mariners pitcher Joe Breadandwater (Jose Paniagua).
The tradition continues to this day as we lamented the season-ending injury to Vikings quarterback Teddy Puenteagua (Teddy Bridgewater).
Evidently, we are not alone, as another of our translations, this one for Cleveland Indians closer Jose Mesa, is actually listed as his nickname on his baseball reference page, and his Wikipedia entry.

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Reissberg said...

You forgot our favorite non-sports name, Peaceful Sunday (Placido Domingo).
Also, is there no Spanish equivalent/translation of Teddy?