Saturday, January 07, 2017

Weekly Picks

Finished with an ok week, but hoping to go 11-0 in the playoffs.

oakland +4 HOUSTON
I'm not as fearful as most people about the 3rd-string quarterback. They are a deep enough team to overcome that. Especially against the Texans and their lousy first-string quarterback.

new york giants +4 1/2 GREEN BAY
Everyone thinks the Packers are so hot right now because Aaron Rodgers said they would run the table and they did. But no team is consistently luckier than the Giants. They get every call and every break. And they're actually pretty good too, especially on defense.

miami +10 PITTSBURGH
I think the Dolphins will lose, but there is so much room in this spread for them to lose and cover.

SEATTLE -8 detroit

The Seahawks will turn it on when it matters. And the Lions will choke at the same time. Last Week: 2-3 (3 points) Season: 44-36 (48 points) Best Bets: 10-6 (I forgot week 1)

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