Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tournament Thoughts: Second Round Sunday

We finally got the good games and the upsets we wanted.

I think we have the declare the offense vs. defense a draw.

South Carolina beat Duke, Arkansas gave North Carolina a game, but UCLA beat Cincinnati easily.

One tournament is a small sample, but man the ACC had just about has bad a tournament as you can have. Not only did the 5 bottom teams lose, three of the biggest upsets so far were ACC teams. Out of 9 teams to start only 1 remains. Out of 9 teams from the ACC and SEC, 6 remain.

Joel Berry got away with a ridiculous travel. And it came at a crucial time, pushing the lead from 1 to 3.

Alex English had a busy weekend, watching his son AJ play for Iona against Oregon, and then seeing his alma mater South Carolina beat Duke. Too bad he wasn't wearing this awesome jersey though.

One of Rhode Island's best players, Hassan Martin, is from Staten Island and went to Curtis High School.

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