Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Future of the Free World Depends on the Outcome of the Massachusetts Senate Race

If you are listening to the news or reading the papers today's special election in Massachusetts will decide the fate of our nation.

If Republican Scott Brown wins the election to replace the late Ted Kennedy, Republicans will have 41 seats in the Senate and the ability to block a final vote on a compromise health care bill.

If Martha Coakley wins, health care passes. Coakley once had a huge lead, not surprising in a very liberal state. But latest polls show that lead shrinking considerably with Brown leading in some polls. President Obama was in Massachusetts on Sunday stumping for Coakley, a move that didn't work so well for Jon Corzine.

But I don't really care about the serious side of politics, I only care about the horse race aspect and the silly things candidates do and say, like when Martha Coakley said Curt Schilling was a Yankees fan:

Or when Scott Brown was in Cosmo:

You may remember Brown's daughter Ayla as a contestant on American Idol Season 5:

If Brown wins this election (and prevents health insurance reform from passing) it could be seen as karmic payback for Ted Kennedy. His death would be the only thing preventing his lifelong dream from becoming reality.


Scott said...

Coakley never really had a BIG lead in the polls (if you go by a couple of consistent standbys like Suffolk University and Rasmussen Reports) - but what has happened is that nearly everyone who was undecided turned to Brown, making this a dead heat. I would not be shocked to see him win tonight. Very exciting day at work so far.

Mary Jo Kopechne said...

PEOPLE'S SEAT....not a dead drunk's seat.


Damino said...

Plain and simple, Coakley ran a horrible campaign and doesn't deserve to win. She wouldn't have beaten Schilling who is (a) very far to the political right especially in Mass., and (b) an unlikable blowhard.