Friday, January 22, 2010

Mrs. Poop's Hate List

Normally when you read something on this blog attributed to Mrs. Poop I took some innocent comment of hers and completely distorted it and then she got angry. But there is one case where she totally stands behind the mean thing I made come out of her mouth. Asked to form Mrs. Poop's Hate List there is only one name on it: Frank DeFord. That's right the aging sportswriter aggravates Mrs. Poop so much that she openly admits to hating him. Every month when "Real Sports" is on I save it on the DVR to show her whatever kind of ridiculous outfit DeFord is wearing. But the 2009 year-end roundtable took the cake. DeFord was wearing purple socks, and quite possibly even purple shoes (that seemed to be the implication from the conversation but it's hard to see in the pictures).

This set Mrs. Poop off. In fact I sent her an e-mail asking her to come up with the five things she hates most about him and this was her response:

"His hair
His clothes
His moustache
His teeth
The way he talks"

In case you're not familiar with DeFord he's a legendary sports writer but he's balding and slicks his hair back on the top and it poofs out on the sides. Even though he is a huge man, his clothes are often too big, and even more often they're purple. He has a pencil-thin moustache and crooked teeth. And he always talks as if he has just run five miles. And it is so funny to get Mrs. Poop riled up about him.

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Bill said...

Those are good reasons to dislike, but not hate. But Mrs. Poop's hatred for Frank is very amusing. Sounds like she has as much scorn for Frank as I do for Stu Scott.