Saturday, June 05, 2010

I Scream for Ice Cream

It used to be that the minor league Toledo Mud Hens were famous because Corporal Klinger often wore a Mud Hens jersey on MASH, that is when he wasn't wearing a lovely green taffeta dress.

But now the Mud Hens have a new claim to fame.

FIFTH THIRD FANATIC FREEZE SUNDAE (15 SCOOPS) - 3 flavors of your favorite Toft's ice cream x 5 scoops of each delicious flavor = 1 colossal sweet treat and a souvenir helmet! Topped with whipped cream, hot fudge, rainbow sprinkles, peanuts, and cherries. Served in a souvenir full-size helmet - this sundae is the perfect treat for 4-8 people or one Paulo!

This thing looks freakin awesome. I really think I could eat an entire one with a couple of stipulations:

1) I'd need to do it in a meat locker. If this were at a summertime baseball game, it would melt and turn to soup before I was able to finish it
2) they'd have to remove the peanuts (just to be safe) and the cherries
3) I don't know if there are three flavors I like enough to eat 5 scoops so I might just ask for 15 of mint chocolate chip

How do they expect 8 people to eat this? Would there be a lazy Susan involved?

How cool of a souvenir is the full-size helmet you ate 15 scoops of ice cream out of? Much better than the hats and t-shirts John Candy got for eating the old 96er


juice said...

let's doooooo thissss poop....

Jems said...

Fully endorse any and all "Great Outdoors" references(without the negative comment like on FB). I think I could eat that sundae too.