Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Best Thing I've Ever Heard

My love of Ice Cube's "It was a Good Day" is well known, thanks to my usage of the song's denouement ("I didn't even have to use my AK") as a Facebook status or indication of a particularly enjoyable day.
Less well known is my love of Mavis Staples and The Staple Singers in general, but especially "Let's Do It Again." Although I do find it a little unsettling that Mavis would sing about "getting good lovin" with her father, Pops Staples, on keyboard.
But those two songs are so different there's no way you could combine them to make one perfect song. Oh wait, there is.

According to Wikipedia, this version of the song has actually been around for a while, released on bootlegs, B-sides and even an NWA Greatest Hits album.

I cannot believe someone has actually combined these two wonderful things. Next thing you'll tell me is that there is chicken soup flavored ice cream.

1 comment:

ton said...

I still like the original flavor best, but surprised i never heard this before.