Monday, August 30, 2010

I Would Have Spelled It Correctly

My new favorite show is ABC's "What Would You Do?" The show hires actors stage scenes in public (wife-beating, fraternity hazing) just to get the reactions of passersby.
I now live my life as if everything is being filmed for an episode of WWYD? I'm constantly interfering in things that are none of my business just in case John Quinones is lurking around the corner.
In an episode where a waiter was hitting on a guy's wife, an atrocious typo somehow slipped past all the producers and anyone else who watched the show before it aired.


jleary said...

I agree, I love the show. I am also afraid that everything I see is now a test of what kind of horrible person I am

Damino said...

The show's awesome and is filmed locally, so you never know.

Last weekend we saw a disheveled elderly man sitting in the street and drove up to him and offered help, which he declined. I'm glad that he seemed ok but was really hoping for a pat on the back from Johnny Q.

Paul said...

Yes several of them have been filmed at Ridgewood Duck Pond -- including domestic abuse and car vandalism -- where we used to take Diesel.