Monday, September 27, 2010

I Haty Katy

Nearly 2 years ago we debated the bangability of Katy Perry and as the lone dissenter I completely nailed her personality. She's the insecure girl who was never the prettiest and still feels like the teenage girl who never got asked to the prom by the cute boy. Literally.

At a recent performance at her high school Perry called out a guy in the audience for never dating her in high school.

She leaves high school to have great success in music but the only thing on her mind is embarrassing her high school crush. Poor Shane Lopes. She never accused him of picking on her or doing anything mean. He just happened to like Amanda Wayne more. She was probably hotter then, and she's probably hotter now. By the way, Lopes and Wayne are still together.

Now Perry's insecurities are manifesting themself in an unproductive way once again. Perry taped a song, an adaptation of her "Hot N Cold" for Sesame Street. She appeared with Elmo, with her boobs hanging out.

It's a very nice song, and a cute little segment. Or at least it would have been had it not been pulled from the show before it even aired. Now I don't condone oversensitive babies especially not when it comes to their fear of boobies, but I do place the blame with Katy here. Why can't for 5 minutes she put her boobs aside and wear something appropriate for Sesame Street. Everyone can look at that outfit and say something else would have been more appropriate.

I saw an interesting interview with a producer of Sesame Street who explained the reasoning behind booking Katy. She explained Sesame Street works best when parents watch it with their kids, she called it "co-viewing" and its preferrable to plopping your kids in front of the set. So the show is constantly trying to book current acts to get parents, especially young parents to get involved with their kids.

It sounded like a great plan until Katy Perry's narcissism and insecurities (they sound opposite but they're not) got in the way.


Elmo said...


I hit that btw ;)

Damino said...

Paul you're 100% right about her personality, but she's hot and pumps out catchy tunes like there's no tomorrow. Her new song "Peacock" is going to be a huge hit if it gets by the censors.

Darren said...

Elmo! Elmo! Elmo! Elmo!

your oldest niece said...

uncle poop -

dont hate on my favorite singer.

Paul said...

Great call by Damino. "Peacock" is another song designed solely for shock value. I don't think radio stations or MTV Networks will give it mass airplay though.

I don't think she can sustain a long and successful musical career this way.