Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The NFL is Poop - Week 3

Three Undefeated Teams Left
All four remaining unbeatens are somewhat surprising. Maybe the least surprising is the Pittsburgh Steelers because their defense is so good. But without Ben Roethlisberger most people expected one or two losses from this early stretch. Dennis Dixon’s injury forced the Steelers to Charlie Batch who probably played the best game of his career in a win over Tampa Bay. The Bears had big expectations last year and they sucked. This season they had no expectations and they’re looking pretty good. They got lucky to beat Detroit in Week 1, and their offensive line got turnstiled in Week 2 by Dallas and then they got bailed out by penalties against Green Bay, but they pulled out all 3 games, and that’s all that matters.

And the Kansas City Chiefs are our final and most shocking unbeaten. They got lucky to beat San Diego squeaked by Cleveland then dominated San Francisco. But they have some features of a winning team. They play excellent defense, they have an exciting playmaker (McCluster) and a coach who is not afraid to take chances, using an awesome fake reverse flea flicker for a touchdown. The schedule gets a lot tougher after the bye, with the Colts and Texans on the road, but in a weak division, they could win 9 games and make the playoffs.

The Saints Should Be On That List
The defending Super Bowl Champs have not played well yet this season, but they too, should be 3-0. Garrett Hartley missed a 29-yarder in overtime against the Falcons to cost the Saints the game. Another kicker/goat, Sebastian Janikowski missed a 32-yarder with no time left to cost the Raiders a game against the Cardinals. Hartley’s probably going to get cut but Janikowski makes so much money ($4 million for a kicker?) I don’t think the Raiders can let him go.

Distressing Redskins Stat I
Over the past three seasons the Rams are 2-1 against the Redskins. And they are 2-30 against everyone else.

Distressing Redskins Stat II
The Redskins are being outscored 22-0 in 4th quarter and overtime so far this year. When you include touchdowns scored by the Texans and Rams late in the 3rd quarter here’s what you get. The Redskins getting out to a 56-31 lead, then giving up 36 straight points late in games. And Donovan McNabb who has been blasted for not making plays late in games has a QB rating of 100 for the first 3 quarters, and 60.9 rating in the fourth.

This Couldn’t Come at a Worse Time
And now Donovan heads to Philadelphia to get booed lustily by the drunken Philadelphia morons. And not only that, their beloved dog killer is playing like an MVP, the best he’s ever played in his NFL career. I watched Vick against the Jaguars and he was flinging it all over the field, perfect throws. Maybe he really has figured some things out and matured. Maybe he just has some good playmakers with Maclin and Jackson. Maybe it’s some other reason, but man does he look good so far.

He Should Have Just Picked Up The Flags
An embarrassing moment for referee Carl Cheffers as he tries to explain three penalties on the same play. Worst part is, they all offset, as if nothing ever happened, except his unending humiliation.

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