Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The NFL Is Poop - Week 1

It Was a Catch
The most controversial call of Week 1 was ruled correctly. Calvin Johnson of the Lions did not maintain possession of the ball all the way to the ground. That's the rule and Johnson clearly didn't do that. The reason the rule is written that way is to remove any gray area. They don't want refs to have to judge whether he was bobbling it as he hit the ground. The rule is, if you are falling down you have to have possession all the way to the ground. He did not. Correct call. Lions lose, again.

Calvin Johnson did not maintain possession all the way to the ground

I'd Rather Be Lucky Than Good
All things considered a terrible performance by the Redskins but a win is a win, especially over the Cowboys. They couldn't get any kind of offense going and would have lost if Wade Phillips were not a complete idiot. Al Michaels was 100% right. That end of the half play should have been a Hail Mary or a kneel down. Great play by D'Angelo Hall. The Redskins now have more defense and special teams TDs than they did all of last year.
And on that last play of the game, the holding absolutely had to be called. It was too blatant to be ignored. Thankfully.

Let's Not Start Sucking Each Other's Dicks Just Yet
While the Jets will certainly be the most entertaining team this season, starting with the second best season of "Hard Knocks" ever (you can't beat the original), they may not be a very good team. Their offense is terrible. Mark Sanchez seems to be afraid to give plays time to develop. It seems like his first look is for a back running a flare route. Unless he gives the offense at least something of a downfield threat, the defense (which is still superb) will likely only be able to carry the Jets to a 8-8 season.
And contrary to popular opinion Antonio Cromartie did not commit more penalties than he has kids. He has 8 kids, he knows 5 of their names, and got flagged four times.

What's Wrong with The Colts?
The jinx of the Super Bowl runner-up? Could they really miss the playoffs this year, while Peyton Manning is still alive? They looked horrible on defense against the Texans, allowing Arian Foster (who took him in your fantasy draft?) to rush for 231 yards. The Texans are now 2-15 all-time against the Colts.

The Eagles and Michael Vick Deserve Each Other
Idiot Eagles fan (redundant I know) are now in love with Michael Vick. Sure, the guy played well Sunday and Kevin Kolb played poorly. But you can't throw a promising young QB under the bus after only a half of football. And you can't forget that Vick is not a good passer. When he tucks and runs like he did on Sunday yes, he can be great. When he has to be a pocket passer he is erratic, tentative and just plain bad. But considering what a despicable human being he is there is no fan base more likely to embrace him than the Eagles'. Some of them even want Donovan McNabb back.

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