Monday, September 20, 2010

The NFL is Poop - Week 2

This is Why the NFL Stands for "Not For Long"
I can't figure this league out. The 49ers get smoked by Seattle then almost beat the Saints. Mark Sanchez looks afraid to throw a pass deeper than 5 yards, then he throws the ball like Tom Brady while Tom Brady throws the ball like Mark Sanchez. The Colts get destroyed by the Texans, then destroy the Giants. The Chargers looking terrible against the Chiefs then dominating the Jaguars. Atlanta went from 9 points, to 41. A lot of this seems to be home/road, but there's even more week-to-week discrepancy than we normally expect.

The Winner Is...Parity
The Jets, Bengals, Ravens and Patriots played a four-team round-robin the first two weeks. And all four teams are 1-1. The Jets lost to the Ravens but lost to the Pats, who beat the Bengals, who beat the Ravens. So what does that tell you? These same four teams played in the playoffs last year, Ravens over Pats and Jets over Bengals. These are 4 good teams in the AFC, and there's no way of telling who is better.

Suh Sacks Vick
The best play for me in Week 2 came when my favorite player in the NFL (Ndamukong Suh) sacked my least favorite player (Michael Vick).

The sack didn't help as Vick played a great game and the Eagles won 35-32. His performance over the past 6 quarters has some people thinking Vick has finally figured out the balance between passing and running that he needs to be a good QB. I'm not convinced.

The Worst Loss, Since the Last One
I would say the Redskins loss to the Houston Texans, 30-27 in overtime, was painful, but it's really no different than what I have become accustomed to. The Redskins had several plays if they could have just converted they would have won the game (the 4th and 10, the 2 missed field goals, all the plays on the last drive leading up to the overtime FG attempt) and they couldn't do make any of them. It is painfully similar to last year's game when they almost knocked off the undefeated Saints. Only difference here is they could have been 2-0 going into St. Louis before the schedule gets more difficult.

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