Thursday, January 13, 2011

Does Anyone Remember Mr. Bailey's First Name?

Throughout my education I was convinced I was smarter than most of my teachers, few of whom cared about their jobs, they were just in it for the pension.
Obviously many people including my parents disagreed (hard to fathom a 9-year old being smarter than Mrs. Manifold, but I was) with one notable exception. By far the dumbest teacher to ever disgrace the profession was our 7th grade math teacher Mr. Bailey.
There is a website that allows you to look up salaries and pensions of New York City and State public employees.
Master Bates and I have been feverishly looking up old teachers and other personnel ($57k per year for David Dinkins? really?) but the one person I couldn't find (maybe that's good because I would be outraged that even a dime of taxpayer money is going to that asshole, is Mr. Bailey, because I don't remember his first name. I tried George but that didn't work, even though it sounded right. I guess the reason it sounded right is because of James Stewart's character in "It's a Wonderful Life."
So I still don't know how much the city is paying that incompetent hack for his years of service playing hardball.


jleary said...

I'm thinking Dan or Don...he played hardball!!
Hated that guy

BC said...

I thought William or James. There are a few James Baileys listed.

Reissberg said...


Yeah, jleary, he could play with the best of them!

Damino said...

Hey don't knock Mrs. Manifold. She was one of the good ones (which I agree are few and far between).

Nails said...

It is definitely with a D. For some reason the yearbook only had letters for first names.