Monday, February 07, 2011

Super Bowl Ads

An underwhelming crop of Super Bowl ads this year. Nothing really stands out to me. The two I liked best were both subtle sexual innuendos, big shocker.

Faith Hill Teleflora. No one had heard of this company before so they needed to do something to get noticed. This probably worked,

Pepsi Max First Date. Another ad taking advantage of the one track minds of men.

Pepsi Max Love Hurts. All the ads for Pepsi Max and Doritos were user generated. This one was clearly sent in by the Concierge.

Snickers Logging. A lot of people liked this one and I did too but it was too similar to last year’s Betty White ad to really be a standout.

Volkswagen The Force. This one was really great the only problem is so many people (14m hits) saw it before the Super Bowl. But if you hadn’t, this could definitely be your favorite. I love the remote starter.

Doritos Pug Attack. Anything with a dog being cute is bound to be liked by 90% of the people.

Bud Light Dog Sitter. This is one the exception. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love dogs, I love poker but I hate dogs playing poker. We don’t need to see dogs walking around on two legs serving beer. Of course evil Mrs. Poop says this is her favorite.

CareerBuilder Parking Lot. I know it’s a running gimmick with CareerBuilder but I feel like the monkey thing is already played out. And once again, animals dressed as or behaving like people is an immediate turnoff to millions of Americans.

Doritos Best Part. This ad got the worst reviews of any Super Bowl ad I saw. I thought it was kind of funny because the creepiness was obviously very intentional.

Kim Kardashian Skechers. I love Kim Kardashian and I thought she looked great here but I thought the dumping my trainer bit was a little stupid.

NFL Best Fans Ever. I loved this one. A little obsession of mine is remembering where various television shows are set. I loved the superimposed jerseys/shirts/hats and foam fingers. I’m not complaining about Sofia Vergara being a Redskins fans but Modern Family is set in California. I actually wish they included “Family Ties” because they were well known Bengals fans. And how could the Eagles biggest fan, Cory Matthews not make this montage?

Sealy Afterglow. A very racy commericial for such a staid and boring company. I noticed they had a lot of interracial couples which I appreciate.

Carmax Kid in a Candy Store. Kind of clever, wrestler in a folding chair factory. I think I will start using that one.


JUICE said...

great post....

ton said...

yeah agreed. I actually like the doritos 'best part' one, although I ranked it #2 behind the Pepsi Max first date.