Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Annnnnnnnnnnnd Good Afternoon Everybody

I'm standing the garage waiting for them to bring my car around and I see a driver coming in who looks like Chris Mad Dog Russo. I can't get a good look at him but I notice he is driving a Lexus LS450, with Connecticut plates - could be him.

He gets out of the car and is just a few feet from me and it his so I say "Hey Mad Dog!" And he replies very cordially then goes over to the attendant to get his ticket. As the guy is inspecting his car he says to Mad Dog "are they going to sign you up again?"

It was clear Mad Dog didn't understand what he meant or what he said because of his accent, so he just said "I've got two years left on my contract."

This is when I chimed in:
"Mad Dog, you have to come back, I just cannot listen to Francesa by himself."
"I've got two years left, so they're gonna have to do it with someone else, not me."
"But he is terrible."
"I know, it's tough." [He actually agreed with my rip of Mike.]

Then he starts to walk away and he says "You need to get Sirius."
I said "I'm a shareholder."
He replied "A dollar-81" and just like that he was gone.

I forgot to get his e-mail address so I can copy him on my e-mail to TON when Sirius hits $2.


jleary said...

Nice encounter.
I did enjoy listening to them together, but I don't really think either of them is very good by themselves

master bates said...

agreed. Theyre both awful by themselves.