Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Predictions for 2011

1. Mrs. Poop and I will not have a single fight all year. So far, so good
2. Julian will learn to walk and talk
3. His first word will be "Chase"
4. He'll probably say something like "Chay" but Mrs. Bates will tell us it still counts
5. This is the year Chase finally starts to take interest in the Mets
6. The Mets will trade Jose Reyes
7. The Patriots, Phillies and Heat will win the Super Bowl, World Series and NBA Finals
8. The Super Bowl will be the last NFL game played in 2011
9. Unemployment will fall to 8.4% in December
10. The Dow will hit 13,000
11. When Sirius-XM shares hit $2 I will e-mail TON "when your stock is up, your cock is up"
12. Razor will experience great personal growth when she ceases working from home and moves to a real office, surrounded by real people instead of cats
13. Razor will no longer have time to scour her computer to send me pictures of GauntSkott from back when he was FatScat and tipping the scales at nearly 3 bills
14. Nails will scream "DIE!" at the TV while watching a sporting event
15. The Concierge will reply to a bbm within two days of it being sent
16. Billie and Alison will have a very hard time deciding which of them their new baby resembles most
17. I'll blame Coach Boeheim for Syracuse's eventual loss in the NCAA Tournament
18. JLeary will remain my favorite Poophead as TON and Billie get too busy with parenthood to read this blog
19. Cain Velazquez will beat Junior Dos Santos but lose the UFC Heavyweight belt to Shane Carwin
20. Jonny Bones Jones will be UFC Light Heavyweight Champion
21. Reissberg will spill food on his shirt
22. Juice will propose but he won't get down on one knee because he can't stay still that long


jleary said...

Nice list. I bet #14 already happened during the Outback Bowl on New Years Day. Also #21 probably happened right after midnight if he was awake, otherwise breakfast on the 1st

Reissberg said...

Actually believe it or not, 4 days into the year and #21 has not happened... wait... oh shit...

RZR said...

#12 and #13 are both very true. 2 days into my new work situation and I've had more social interaction than I previously had in a year. But my Internet surfing time has been severely impacted. Hence, the delay in this comment.

Nails said...

Cha Ching-McGloin - Die!

ton said...

#11 - I agree, and I hope so.
#18 - I can't even defend myself considering that I missed this post until you recently made a reference to it.
#19 - First part is 100% accurate, second part, not sure. Definitely possible, but hard to call. Carwin steamrolled Brock in the first round (although he gassed himself etc), and Cane steamrolled Brock as well. I'm VERY anxious for that fight to happen, either way.
#20 - Coming true in about 14 hours buddy. I'd be really surprised if he loses. No one in that division can match his physical skills right now.