Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I Think His Nose is Broken

Watch the UFC long enough and you will see some pretty gruesome things. Usually it's just a lot of blood (like Diego Sanchez after a beating from BJ Penn). You even see cuts so bad they get their own nickname like Marvin Eastman's Goat's Vagina. Sometimes you see a guy get his eye punched swollen shut like Josh Koscheck after GSP got through with him. And there is the occassional broken bone, like the freak broken leg Corey Hill suffered when his kick was checked.

But Saturday night during UFC 125 Brandon Vera's broken nose was so bad it even disgusted Vera himself. He saw his hideous visage on the Jumbotron and shielded his eyes.

Brandon Vera broken nose


ton said...

Yeah, that was crazy. I love it when the crowd finally sees a close up on the in-arena big screen, and you hear the collective ohhHHHHH. BTW, what the hell happened to Brandon Vera? He used to roll up on guys and lay a beat down. His offensive productivity seems to have diminished big time over the past year or so.

Kendra said...

I hope that everyone has a great 2011!