Friday, March 25, 2011

NCAA Tournament Thoughts: Sweet 16 Thursday

Love that great hustle play and pass from his ass by Kemba Walker. It's nice to see the most talented guy on the floor also display the hustle of a scrub.

They have to stop showing Leslie Visser. She looks awful. And they aren't even doing her hair. I'm not a sexist saying I only want to see women on TV if they are hot. I am being pragmatic. TV is a visual medium, if you look so awful that people can't focus on what you are saying then they need to send you home to Dick Stockton and hire some young hottie.

I don't like Reggie Miller as an announcer. His voice is too soft and his comments are too long.

I also hate when announcers say stuff like "his team is playing like shit but they're only down 4, so coach has to be happy." I get the point, but it's not the right way to phrase it. What coach would be happy or encouraged or heartened to be losing? And it falsely assumes that playing like shit is only temporary. Sometimes you have a bad game, not just a bad half, you have a bad game. It's just more nonsensical announcer-speak I normally complain about.

If Jimmer Fredette's college career had to end with a loss, on a rough shooting night, I'm glad it ended with this great moment. Florida was doing a good job harassing him, pushing the rules and really roughing him up. BYU made a run and with about 5 minutes left trailed 63-60. Fredette brought the ball up court, stopped, popped from about 30 feet and nailed the game tying 3. A great moment for him.

I hate Charles Barkley and haven't watched him at all this tournament but I did hear him say that it didn't matter if Jimmer scored 30, if he shot 10 of 28 from the field, BYU would lose. He shot 11 of 29 -- and BYU lost.

Florida dominated BYU up front. 6'8" Alex Tyus scored 19 points and had 17 rebounds, more than double his season averages. I hope that was some good pussy Brandon Davies.

Nice to see UConn carrying the flag for the Big East and shutting up all those morons who said they would be fatigued from playing 5 games in a row a week before the tournament started.

But I did lose San Diego State, my 3rd Final Four team to get knocked out. I only have Ohio State left.

But I did get Arizona right. Duke sometimes has problems with faster, more athletic teams. Probably because they are mostly comprised of white pussies like Kyle Singler. Derrick Williams completely dominated and he's definitely coming out after this season and will probably go in the top 5.

Butler is the Gonzaga of the Midwest, with better results. I can see them beating Florida and advancing to another Final Four. They are not a fluke. They are a good team with talented players, who also play smart basketball. Brad Stevens is a great young coach who will almost certainly take the Tennessee job in the offseason.


Damino said...

That "white pussy" Kyle Singler has a national championship ring and a Final Four Most Outstanding Player award. Remind me again - who on Syracuse has either?

Deron R. Pope said...

Arizona is just following their history. Arizona has a habit of making deep tourney runs when no one expects them to. Then they usually don’t perform up to expectations in the seasons when they are expected to go deep in the tourney. This team reminds me of the ’97 team that caught everyone by surprise. I feel bad for UConn; I think they have no answer for Arizona’s talent.

Steve said...

About the BYU-Florida game, Jimmer Fredette is an exceptional player, but he is the reason BYU lost to Florida. His shooting was horrendous, and he turned the ball over too much. Just look at his stats from the game. He made just 11 of 29 field goal attempts, and this includes making only 3 of 15 three-point attempts. He also had six turnovers.

When you look at BYU’s totals from the game, Fredette accounted for 40.8% of the team’s total field goal attempts and 40.5% of the team’s three-point field goal attempts. He also committed half of the team’s turnovers.

Paul said...

Damino, Duke players come in two shades, white pussies and Uncle Toms. It's just the standard for how Jalen Rose and I refer to them. Singler is a fine player and a worthy champion and MOP last year. But he's still a white pussy. Also, the Syracuse argument is not valid. What if I had gone to Georgia Southern (RPI #341)? Would I not be able criticize another player, even tongue in cheek? Does Georgia Derek not have that right?

Deron, other than making a long but somewhat unexpected in the tournament I don't see the comparison. That team was guard oriented with stars Bibby and Simon. This team relies on Derrick Williams and other great athletes, not great basketball players. And thankfully no one who can make Jim Nantz repeat the cheesiest line in history: Simon Says Championship!

Steve, there's a huge fallacy in that argument. You falsely assume other BYU players would have done better if they had taken those shots. That's very unlikely, which is why Fredette was forced to keep shooting even though he was having an off night and being physically harassed all game.

Appreciate the feedback, especially from new Poopheads.

Deron R. Pope said...

Paul, I agree with you about the comparison. I should have clarified; I really meant this run is similar to the '97 run. I think the '97 team could beat this team and the '01 team would embarrass them.

Deron R. Pope said...

BTW, how did Leslie Visser age so suddenly in a short period of time? As recently as a couple of years ago she was ok looking.

Deron R. Pope said...

In June 1993, Visser suffered a jogging accident in New York's Central Park in which she broke her hip and skidded face-first across the pavement. She required surgery on her face and hip and in 2006 she required an artificial hip replacement.


Damino said...

Paul you have every right to criticize Duke regardless of where you went to school. Much like I have the right to be ornery and defensive the day after my team was absolutely clobbered by an underdog.

Singler is an easy target because he's pale and awkward looking, but he's a very tough player who matched up well against some big time athletes over the years. I really admire him as a player and would do so even if he had played for a team I despise like UNC or Maryland.

Paul said...

It looks like they went back to redo some plastic surgery on Visser and completely fucked it up. I've seen her since 1993 and she never looked this bad. And why not do her hair to try to cover up for it?

Damino, I understand your frustration. I was furious for 5 days following Syracuse's loss. And you are right, those are the exact reasons I target Singler.

Damino said...

It's all good Paul. I'm sure by weekend's end I'll calm down and start looking forward to baseball season.

jleary said...

Damino, aren't you a fellow Met fan? Are you really looking too forward to baseball season?

Damino said...

Jleary, hell yes I'm a Met fan. I meant that I'm looking forward to baseball season 2013 when the Mets are hopefully good again.