Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Refs Fucked Us

Upon further review, the referees blew the call that helped cost Syracuse the game against Marquette.
The call in question is the backcourt violation called on Scoop Jardine while receiving an inbounds pass with 51 seconds to go.

NCAA officiating coordinator John Adams says:

"I have reviewed the play in question and it appears from the video that we have seen, that an error was made in applying the backcourt violation rule (Rule 4.3.8)...The Syracuse player made a legal play and no violation should have been called."

Basically, on an inbounds pass you do not need to establish yourself in the backcourt before touching the ball. If you touch it in midair (as Scoop did) you're pretty much good no matter where you land.

This video shows the play and explains it even further:

I admit I was wrong about the rule, I thought in order to receive the ball in the backcourt you have to be in the backcourt before touching it. That is not the case on an inbounds pass. That lets Syracuse off the hook for that, but not the 17 other turnovers.

Knowing this doesn't make me feel any better or any worse about the game. They still lost to an inferior team in heart-breaking fashion because of foolish mistakes and sloppy ball-handling.

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