Friday, January 23, 2015

I Disagree With the Two Bills Here

Here is my favorite announcer Bill Walton giving birthday gifts to his friend and colleague Dave Pasch:

Billy sent me this video because he thought it was funny. Normally if the two Bills like something, I love it too.
Not this time.
Here's why: Walton gives Pasch a book on Darwin and says "we want to make sure you believe in evolution." Pasch replies "I don't." Clearly they have had this dicussion before.
Personally I do believe in evolution but that's not the point here.
The point is Dave Pasch does not deserve to be mocked for his views. On national TV no less, with the Twitter trolls watching.
I feel that liberals often feel that anyone who disagrees with only does so because they don't understand the real issue.
And liberals seemingly have unending tolerance and sympathetic catchphrases (like "Genetic Sexual Attraction" for people who date their biological parents) for everyone in the world, except someone who disagrees with them.
One example I would give is the #blacklivesmatter hashtag. This seems to imply that if you don't want to riot in the streets because Michael Brown got killed after robbing a store and punching cop, then you are a racist who doesn't care when black people die.
It seems to me this is just another example of how liberals just can't possibly understand how anyone could see the issue differently.

Note: I'm not saying conservatives aren't like this too, I just perceive it less often and less hostile.


Damino said...

People who don't believe in evolution are fools that deserve to be mocked. And I don't see how anyone can view that issue differently.

Paul said...

Thanks Damino, at least I have your kind pegged correctly.

Damino said...

You missed my attempt at humor. I obviously firmly believe in evolution but I was trying to play to your stereotype.

Paul said...

No I understood it perfectly. You used my exact words.

Bill said...

Spark it up and relax puhleez! Pasch laughed when he said "I dont" but you could tell he was perturbed later in the broadcast.

Paul said...

Go back and watch it again. That was not laughter. That was annoyance. Pasch is probably sick of being told he's a moron just because he happens not to agree with Walton on one of the greatest questions of the Universe.