Sunday, January 18, 2015

Weekly Picks

Keen observers of The Poop will recognize that although I am only 5-3 in the playoffs with a best bet loss (close games though), I have correctly identified all 8 winners from my pre-playoffs straight winners post.

green bay +7 1/2 SEATTLE
I know this seems crazy because Aaron Rodgers is hurt but the Seahawks just don't seem that invincible to me. Yes they are good. Yes they should be able to run all over a weak Packers defense that they dominated in Week 1. But as we point out many times in this space, if everything that happened in the NFL, happened the same the next week/game, it would be a lot easier to pick winners than it is right now.
NEW ENGLAND -6 1/2 indianapolis

This is a tricky one because Andrew Luck has been playing so great, but I believe he is still capable of making that one bad mistake that could cost his team. Tom Brady won't do that. It would be poetic if this young kid came in and knocked off two legends (one of whom may retire) on the way to the Super Bowl, but life, and the NFL, don't always work that way.

Last week: 3-1 (2 points)
Season: 46-47 (40 points)
Best Bets: 0-1 (8-11)
Home Favorites: 1-1 (16-20)
Home Underdogs: 0-0 (2-1)
Road Favorites: 0-0 (12-12)
Road Underdogs: 2-0 (16-14)

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