Friday, January 16, 2015

Nik Stauskas Underestimated the Power of the Internet

We know that people who went to Michigan generally aren't that bright but former UMich Wolverine and current Sacramento King made a huge mistake. It all started when a female high school student asked how many retweets she needed to get for him to got to the prom with him.
He then got his girlfriend involved which prompted some enterprising student to ask how many retweets he needed to take her to the prom.
Stauskas said 10,000.
Ten minutes later he had 8,000. A few minutes after that, Taylor Anderson was promised as the prom date to Jamie Guerra.

Now at this point you are probably wondering what Miss Anderson looks like.

I really don't see how this is relevant but I'm here to give the people what they want.

Now you're next question is probably, does he get to sleep with her?
For the full prom experience, I would assume she would have to. But since Stauskas says he is going a long as a chaperone, I am going to guess the answer will be no.
But perhaps the Eiffel Tower is not out of the question.

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