Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Farewell to the GOAT of Crooked Fingers

Philadelphia Eagles legend Chuck Bednarik died this week at the age of 89.
He is known for three things:
1) he was the last player to play both offense and defense regularly in the NFL
2) he knocked out Frank Gifford, causing Gifford to miss a year and a half, and then stood over his stiff body

3) he was generally a tough son of a bitch. He is Godfather of the mangled finger. Anthony Munoz, Charles Mann, Alan Page and our own beloved Billy have Bednarik to thank for the glory he brought to hideously unaligned fingers.


Bill said...

This is great. I actually meant to tell you that Al's dad was his neighbor growing up. Said concrete charlie taught him how to play football. Said he was a great guy and taught him some "tricks" like wrapped hands. That's pretty cool.

Scat said...


Paul said...

Dynamite drop-in Scotty!
You've been lurking for years just waiting for this opportunity.
Wiggles your phalanges!!!!