Tuesday, April 07, 2015

I Still Hate the Dookies

Congratulations to Damino who vanquished his brother and took down Duke's 5th national title.
It was a great game and I really thought Wisconsin was going to win it until Grayson Allen took over.
With 13 minutes left Wisconsin took a 9 point lead.
Then Allen made a 3, a steal, got fouled while hustling for a loose ball and on that possession made a layup, got fouled and hit the free throw.

From 9 to 3 on the deficit in just about a minute based solely on the effort and execution of one player.

I don't believe much in momentum, but I do believe that the strategy of games change drastically based on lead size. Once Duke cut the lead so much so quickly, they never had to enter a desperation mode.

After that Kaminsky went cold, Tyus Jones went off and Duke won.

And Grayson Allen established himself and the next great white hated from Duke.

In 20 years he may have his own documentary.


Damino said...

Thanks. Allen was a life saver for Duke. I thought it was kind of poetic that all year Duke was carried by senior Quinn Cook and the 3 star freshmen likely to go pro, and that late in their final game of the season the future star became the key man for Duke. A passing of the torch about 13 minutes before the season was to end.

I agree that Allen is exactly the type of Duke player that people will love to hate, but I don't think he's going to stay in college long enough to rise to the level of Laettner, Battier, or Redick. If things go well, he may have a fantastic season next year and I think he'll be in the NBA thereafter.

Bill said...

Allen = Billy McCaffrey

Damino said...

Bill is that because he looks like him or you're predicting that Allen transfers like McCaffrey did?

Paul said...

It's because Billy had a mancrush on Billy and now has one on Grayson.

And don't worry Damino, one more year is plenty of time.

Damino said...

Got it. Right after his performance in the title game I told my wife I want Allen to marry our daughter 20 years from now. Kind of a creepy thing to say but I was caught up in the moment.