Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Song of the Week

"Chattahoochee" - Alan Jackson
"It gets hotter than a hoochie coochie."
One of the best things we discovered when we went away to college was there was a whole other class of music out there called "country" that we were never exposed to on Staten Island. This is one of the best of those songs.


ton said...

Ha ha, nice one. For sentimental reasons and the unexpected factor, this might be one of my favorite SOTW's ever! Sean Olenski loved Alan Jackson.

Bill said...

Where/when did you possible hear country at SU, let alone this song? Seems likeTon is in the loop. This is definitely country and nothing like country today.

ton said...

Here's the way I remember it: Paul and I were roomies as you know, and there were a few very update NY kids on our floor, at least 3. We'd hang out and they'd be into country. Maybe due to us being more 'city' kids, we latched on a bit. I believe at our peak, I was putting the country station on the stereo with the sleep timer while we went to bed.

Typing that, I realize it sounds very country-homo-erotic or whatever.

ton said...

*correction - ..'a few very UPSTATE NY kids'

Paul said...

That's pretty much accurate. We were exposed to good country music for the first time and we liked it. I believe we even went to see Garth Brooks in Central Park.

By the way, if you ever mess up a comment just post the same one with the correction and I'll delete the wrong one.

Damino said...

Country music is awesome. I really took a liking to it when living in North Carolina for a few years. I even went to a Toby Keith concert where Rascal Flatts opened for him. It was like the "put a boot in your ass" tour or something like that. And it was amazing.