Friday, August 21, 2015

Three Things You May Not Have Known About Body by Jake

Remember "Body by Jake" the 1990s fitness show? Well, Jake, whose real last name is Steinfeld, has had an interesting life.

Here are three things you might not have known about him:

1) He was the cab driver who picked up Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall in "Coming to America"

2) He founded Major League Lacrosse

3) His niece, Hailee Steinfeld is an actress and pop star and her song "Love Myself" is blowing up big right now

Bonus thing you may not have known: the song is about masturbation.

Here's a sampling of the lyrics:

"When I get chills at night
I feel it deep inside without you, yeah
Know how to satisfy"

"I'm gonna touch the pain away
I know how to scream my own name"

"I'll take it nice and slow
Feeling good on my phone without you, yeah"

"The beautiful, it comes without you"

"I'm gonna put my body first
And love me so hard 'til it hurts"


ton said...

Ha ha, just listening/watching this for the first time. You left out the fact that her shirt says "Self Service".

Paul said...

I actually wrote this post without ever having actually watching the video. It certainly is an added piece of evidence -- unless self service is some trendy clothing line I'm not aware of -- but if you needed that to convince you about the song's true subject matter then you're a little naive.

Paul said...

Bonus puzzlement: how does this happen? Most young pop stars don't write their music so did the people who wrote it for her tell her, "we've got this great song about masturbation for you"? Or did she say "I would really like to sing about masturbation." How do these conversations go?

ton said...

I didn't need the shirt, I just thought it was funny. That's a very good point though about who wrote it. Also, she's 18. That would have been a very awkward convo between her and the exec, writers, parents (assuming the process started before she was 18) whoever. "So, we have some good material for you....."

Bill said...

Bonus fact: he had a TV show with a kid actor Jeremy Wieand who went to my high school. Asks did a BMW ep