Thursday, October 22, 2015

How Sweep It Is

The New York Mets are in the 2015 World Series!

I remember reading/hearing last year or the year before that Theo Epstein was building his team around power hitters, because they are in scarcer supply in today's game than power pitchers.

But I will always believe that most times, good pitching will beat good hitting and the Mets great young power pitchers just shut down the Cubs great power hitters for four straight games.

But we should remember there are no absolutes. Remember when the San Antonio Spurs beat the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals to prove, absolutely and indubitably, once and for all, that team basketball beats one or two great individual players.

Except for the year before, when basically the same two teams met in the Finals and the Heat won.

The Cubs are a good team and I expect many battles with them over the next few years and I would expect different results, at least some of the time.

But this is an amazing triumph for the Mets and I am thrilled as hell that they are in the World Series.

I hope they can keep this going and bring the title home.

They won the World Series when the team was 8 (kind of). The won the World Series when I was 8. And now it's time to win it when Chase is 8.

Two things will be addressed on this blog after the World Series, win or lose: the midseason drama including what I got right and what I got wrong, and the off-season moves the team would and should make.

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