Friday, October 16, 2015

The Mets Move On

Daniel Murphy may not be a Met next year, but tonight he cemented his legacy as a Met.
Not only did Murphy win the game with a game-winning home run (his third of the series) he made one of the biggest surprise heady plays in baseball history when he went from first to third on Duda's walk and scored on d'Arnaud's sacrifice fly.

My favorite part, and you can't really see it in this video, is how he casually trotted to second base and very sneaky like, took off for third.

Add to that his double (could have been a triple) in the first inning that got the Mets on the board you have an amazing legendary performance that will not soon be forgotten by Mets fans.

Tough game for Jacob deGrom. He did not have his good stuff, or his command and was not pounding the strike zone as he normally does. But he was able to dance between the rain drops for six innings, constantly getting out of jams, and not always of his own making.

deGrom taking this through 6 allowed the Mets to go Thor and Familia and skip all the Clippard/Reed craziness.

I admit I was very worried about bringing in Syndergaard, not because of the starter in relief thing, but because he had warmed up and sat down three different times and his arm is not adjusted to that workload. But he looked pretty damn strong.

And of course great job by Jeurys Familia doing his best Mariano Rivera impression during the game and his best Mary Lou Retton after it.

I am very tough on Terry Collins as I think he uses emotion and intangibles over logic and data in too many of his decisions. But tonight he did all the right things. I would have taken deGrom out earlier, I would have been nervous about using Thor after all that up and down, but he made all the right moves. I might have wanted him to let Thor start the 8th and bring in Familia if anyone got on, to avoid the awkward situation of Familia batting with two men on. But it all worked out and I hope he continues pushing all the right buttons in the next round.

Speaking of the next round, I am terrified about playing the Cubs because they are pounding the ball right now and we have two key hitters, Wright and Duda who didn't do shit in this series, and Cespedes who for the most part didn't look much better.

The Mets survived the spotty offense and the less than stellar pitching (though no starter allowed more than 3 runs) but they will need to step it up to advance.

Let's home they can, I don't want this ride to end.

Let's Go Mets!

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