Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Song of the Week

"Starlight" - Muse
I'm not a big fan of this music, so I can't tell you which came first, Muse or Coldplay, but they sound alike to me.
I do like this song but I'm willing to change my mind if I found out the lead singer married a douchey actress.


RZR said...

Muse is awesome. They've got a nice rock edge to them. Especially their earlier stuff. Starlight is one of their more popular mainstream songs but one of my least favorites. Look up Uprising (I'm sure you've heard it before), Knights of Cydonia, Time is Running Out, Apocalypse Please, Ruled by Secrecy (stick with the song - it has a great build up).

RZR said...

Also, Matt Bellamy never ended up marrying Kate Hudson. They have a kid together and were engaged - but the engagement broke off. Don't worry - I'm sure she's found a new rocker to bang.

Paul said...

That's hilarious. When I wrote that I had no idea the singer actually had a relationship with the only Hollywood actress douchier than Gwenyth.

I have heard Uprising. I don't like it. Maybe I'll check out the others.