Wednesday, February 03, 2016

I Should Have Paid Better Attention in Mrs. Rosler's Class

The Mets are looking for Spanish language interpreter.

Here are the main job requirements:
Attend Mets Spring Training in Port St. Lucie, FL for all workouts and games.
Attend all Mets home and road games during the regular season, all Postseason games, and any other events to be covered by local or national media at which Mets uniformed personnel are present

Basically you get to go to every game and translate interviews for the Spanish-speaking players.
I would expect the Mets to get 1000s of applications for this job.
But it will probably go to a friend of Yoenis Cespedes and this whole process is a sham to satisfy some fair employment posting requirements.


RZR said...

Awesome title of post

Damino said...

I sat next to Paul in AP Spanish and vividly remember him getting kicked out of class and sent to Ambro's office for misbehavior on at least one occasion.

Paul said...

Well if you had told me the Spanish would come in handy one day I might not have behaved so poorly. Thanks for nothing Damino.

Hassmerry Hernandez said...

I applied for this position and it basically stayed with the girl who is Yoenis Cespedes's personal translator. It basically never went anywhere despite having more than the required qualifications. WHAT A SCAM!

Paul said...

Just as I suspected it would be, Hassmerry. Sorry to hear they wasted your time and didn't give you a fair shot at the job.