Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Song of the Week

"No Diggity" - Chet Faker
I've been hearing a lot of weird cover versions lately. I plan to devote the entire month of February to them.


ton said...

This actually works better than I thought it would have.

Bill said...

I've hear so many of these no diggity versions now it's lost it's luster. Every white guy is doing it. Still kinda cool but not as cool as first time I heard one

Paul said...

I like soul music because the singers but their "soul" into the music.
This guy was like a robot. He sings nicely but it's as if he's purposely not emoting, to be aloof or something.
I didn't care for his rendition.

ton said...

One good thing to come from this, I found out that Chet Faker is actually a stage name. It's based on Chet Baker, a very famous old jazz guy. Hit him up on Spotify, good stuff if you like that kind of thing.