Wednesday, July 06, 2016

No Guarantees

While the basketball world, and 2/5ths of my household is incredibly excited about Kevin Durant joining the Golden State Warriors, I don't think we should skip the season and hand them the title just yet.
First of all, as a basketball fan, one who lost interest in the NBA when it seemed all good players did at the end of the game was run into defenders and hope to get fouled, I love watching the Warriors.
We recorded 10:30pm ET games and watched them the next day, even though I often knew the result. Their style of play was a joy to watch, and it is only going to get better with Kevin Durant.
The Warriors could literally put four guys on the 3-point line, with Draymond Green in the middle, shoot nothing but 3s and still win 60 games in the regular season.
I cannot wait to see Durant, Curry and Thompson play together.
But I fear the losses of Barnes and Bogut may hurt them defensively and on the boards, especially in the playoffs.
Clearly, no team ever can match their offensive firepower. Regardless of the result it promises to be one of the most memorable teams ever.
But expectations are so high, they have to win 74 games AND the title to not be considered a disappointment.
And let's say something goes wrong, especially with Curry's health, will the Warriors will be willing -- and able -- to sign him to the max contract after next season.
Who knows what will happen, but it will sure be fun to watch.

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Bill said...

I worry about their depth as well. At least they're not over the hill like Lakers tea with Payton and Malone.