Sunday, October 09, 2016


I got to witness an all-time great pitching duel in a winner-take-all wild card game.

Unfortunately angry and ornery Madison Bumgarner

beat our lovable Thor who was equally as awesome, but a little less efficient, and therefore only pitched 7 innings.

I blame Terry Collins only slightly here, I would have given Thor a chance against the bottom of the Giants order in the 8th, even though he struggled in the 7th, because I knew Bumgarner would keep putting up zeroes.

I don't however blame the Mets strategy of swinging early in the count. They knew Bumgarner was going to throw strikes. If you don't swing, you're in a hole against a great pitcher. If you swing at least you have a a chance to get a hit on a good pitch.

It sucks to lose, and not have another crack at the Cubs, and it sucks to watch a team celebrate on our field for the second year in a row.
But it was a difficult season with a lot of injuries and realistically, they didn't have a good chance of beating the Cubs anyway.

But the hurt is still very real right now.
I suppose Noah Syndergaard put it best when he said on Twitter "Baseball has a way of ripping your heart out, stabbing it, putting it back in your chest, then healing itself just in time for Spring Training."
And I can't wait for spring training because maybe, just maybe, next year will finally be our year.


Damino said...

I feel exactly the same way. I can't stand Bumgarner and really wanted that wildcard game, but the truth is this was not the Mets' year. If you include Zack Wheeler, they basically lost 4 of their 5 starters to injury (no disrespect to Colon, who was fantastic). And I just didn't see any way they were beating the Cubs in a 5 game series with Thor only available for one start. And as you said, I really hope that 2017 is the Mets' year.

juice said...

Not sure if Thor is the originator of that quote, but it's an all-timer....