Tuesday, January 31, 2017

You Can Bet On It

Tonight is the last game Brent Musburger will ever call.
Musburger is leaving ESPN on very short notice in the middle of the college basketball season.
If you are a fan of a certain age you remember Musburger for hosting the CBS NFL pregame show along with Irv Cross and Jimmy the Greek.
When he famously said "you are looking live..." as they ran through the slate of games.

In 1990, he joined ESPN and through the years did play-by-play for college football and basketball. I was never a huge fan of his, but never had much of a problem with him either. When people freaked out over him pointing out that AJ McCarron's beauty queen girlfriend is pretty, I stood with Brent.

I even sided with him in his latest controversy over his comments about Joe Mixon.

The one thing I can't figure is why would he leave ESPN so suddenly. I can only imagine that because Musburger stated he was going to move to Las Vegas to help his family with a sports handicapping business, ESPN became uncomfortable with the possibility of a real or perceived conflict of interest and asked him to leave almost immediately.

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