Monday, February 06, 2017

And Billy Can Climb Through the Window

The house where the Matthewses lived in Boy Meets World is for sale.

It's listed for $1.29m and it's actually is Studio City, California, not Philadelphia, which increases the value exponentially.
Unfortunately, because real life is not a television show, on the inside it looks nothing like the house were Cory and Eric grew up. Those rooms were of course sets on some lot at a TV studio.
But it would still be cool. If Billy were able to kick half a mil, and move to California, I'm sure were could get 300k JLeary.

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Bill said...

I am in the market. But I think I'd have to leave my wife and kids which would make the half mil hard.
I never thought about it, so not too surprised it's in CA. Doesn't look like CA with the trees. I wonder if a wise old teacher lives next door with the initials GF?