Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Carry, A Travel and a Flagrant Foul

LeBron James gets two steals on this play, the ball, and a theft of a couple french fries from a kid in a Kevin Durant jersey.
Steal of the Night indeed.

Note: this video encapsulates a new problem I'm facing. Do I post the user-friendl youtube videos or take them directly from the source and make Poopheads sit through an ad. I decided to go with the nba.com version because I think it's the honest thing to do, plus it won't get taken down in a few hours. I like having these videos for posterity and for the Poopheads who only check the blog once a week or less. If you are a daily reader who hates sitting through 30 second ads to watch a 20 second video, blame the idiots who refuse to check this blog everyday.


Shad Gellman said...

At the infamous "asshole" game (Rutgers vs. UConn) I stole a piece of popcorn from a lady -- but without her knowing.

Papa Reissberg said...

I drove to that game... asshole

The Real Shad Gellman said...

If someone is going to pretend to be me, at least get the story correct - I stole a handful of popcorn from the lady, not just a piece. I am a much larger asshole than I am being given credit for