Tuesday, December 29, 2009

DVRs Are Not the Enemy

I have always said "you can't stand in the way of progress," particularly when it comes to technology. Over the years entertainment companies have tried to fight advancements they thought would kill their revenue streams.
Two examples come to mind: single-track music purchasing (downloading) and the DVR.
The companies that realize these trends are coming eventually get out in front and take over (like Apple) the ones that don't fall behind.
But as iTunes reenergized music, the DVR isn't killing TV, it's helping it.

Here's why:
-46% of people still watching commercials, even during recorded programs, according to Nielsen
-DVRs allow people to watch more than one show at once, and allow people to watch shows that are on when they are not home, or doing some other activity
-For the average prime-time network show, DVR viewers (Nielsen only counts those viewed within three days) add 10% to ratings, as much as 20% for some programs
-A surprising number of DVR users still watch shows live as they air

Some other cool DVR stats:
-33% of households have a DVR, up 5% from last year
-Fox gets the biggest boost from DVRs of the four networks
-"House" is the top show as far as DVR ratings, "The Office" and "Heroes" also get big boosts in ratings from DVR users
-Only 6 - 8% of non-DVR users flip during commericials

Part of the reason "The Jay Leno Show" is getting disappointing ratings on NBC at 10 pm is because people aren't DVRing the show very much, because the humor is topical and it's on every night

Note: Nielsen now measures ratings based on who is watching the commercials, not the actual show


ton said...

I never understood why they only count it if watched within 3 days. I'm regularly behind a few weeks on every show...then pull a mini marathon and catch up all at once. So basically, for every show I watch, I don't count as a viewer. I don't think my habits are out of the ordinary, so there must be waaaay more DVR action out there than is being tabulated

Anonymous said...

I thought the reason people were not DVR'ing the Jay Leno show was because it sucked.