Monday, December 28, 2009

How Was This Not the Biggest Story in the Country?

I recently heard a story that I could not believe I missed when it came out a few months ago. Maybe I just missed it, but someone exposed to as much news as I am probably should have heard this one, unless the liberal media covered it up.

The White House released its visitor logs for the first 6 months of the Obama Presidency. The names William Ayers and Jeremiah Wright were both on the list. Ok, annoying, but no huge deal. But wait, there's more. The White House says it's not the William Ayers or Jeremiah Wright you are thinking of. The people who visited the White House are different people with the same names.

No I am not making this up.
It was reported by ABC News, the Washington Post, the New York Times and even the White House's own website.

The Obama Administration has promised to be the most transparent administration ever. Now, I expect all administrations to lie, to cover stuff up (and no this is nowhere near as bad as lying about a reason to go to war) but it is insulting to the American people to feed us this blatant lie and expect us to buy it. I can't imagine even the most ardent liberal Poophead buying this "same name, different person" story.

As we learned with Watergate, it's not the infraction that kills you, it's the cover-up, I guess that's unless you have the entire news media rooting for your success.


Scott said...

Fox News is rooting for Obama's success? I actually know a guy named Bill Ayers. He's white and old.

BC said...

Come on - Jeremiah Wright or Malik Shabazz is like "Aunt Tilly" - we all have someone in our family with that name.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect? This is the same administration that was going to "rise above partisan politics", but yet basically forces the Senate to rush a massive expansion of government that the American people overwhelmingly oppose(healthcare) before an ARTIFICIAL Christmas deadline, just so Obama can brag about it during his State of the Union. 2010 midterms can't get her soon enough.

Damino said...

I wonder what members of the Saudi royal family (read as "ties to bin Laden") visited Bush back in the good old days. Just sayin'.

I'm sick of hearing about a perceived liberal media bias. Among Fox/Murdoch, Limbaugh and Drudge, there are extremely powerful voices for the Right with tremendous audiences who seemingly expend all their energy trying to bring down the Left. And even on a smaller scale, just open the SI Advance and check out the columns and editorials. Or the Post for that matter.

Freedo said...

"If we don't pass this healthcare legislation (1.13 trillion dollar price tag), the country risks going bankrupt."

-The President

I wish I could have a book burning party with thousands of copies of that piece of trash the audacity of hope

Paul said...

For Scott and the rest of the literal Robins out there: only most of the media (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN) were running Obama for President campaigns leading up to the election.

For Damino, sorry you don't like the liberal media bias talk but for someone who spent more than 8 years at the heart of it I can tell you how real it is.

And this is another liberal thing that drives me nuts. You can't explain away all the things Obama is doing wrong by saying Bush did them too, or did worse. Obama was supposed to be the anti-Bush, the most honest transparent administration ever. And instead we get lies like "different Jeremiah Wright."

For VW and Freedo, I'm not going to argue health care reform but something needs to be done and this no public option version in the Senate is the best we're going to get.

SCZA said...

Of course, it's easy for you to rip CNN now. But you can't tell me that FOX News isn't as "mainstream media" as everyone else.

When you lead the ratings, you ARE the mainstream. The trendsetter if you will.

In fact, Obama being President is good for business if your stock-in-trade is being the anti-establishment.

Jems said...

Scza, Fox news isn't considered a viable "news" source for the average unbiased viewer. If something critical were to happen that person would turn to local news or CNN. Fox is viewed the same way as Rush, it's an editorial vs actual news. It may have the best ratings, but it only reaches it's loyal followers, the hardcore and very angry right now right. There are a lot of them, but the channel is just preaching to the choire with the average viewer.

Amber Freed said...

Obama = Douche Lord