Monday, February 08, 2010

Super Bowl Ads

I thought the Super Bowl ads as a whole were lackluster this year but here are a few we enjoyed

Starting with my personal favorite, Doritos dog collar:

Bud Light T-Pain, did you know there are iPhone apps that do this to your voice:

Motorola Megan Fox Sexting. I love the ad genius who came up with this one, let's put Megan Fox in a bathtub sending naked pictures of herself. Really hard to come up with that idea:

Hyundai Brett Favre 2020. At least he's self-deprecating, sort of:

Boost Mobile Shuffle. I didn't find this funny at all, only including it because Billy loved it:

The original 7-minute long "Super Bowl Shuffle" was much funnier.

The Bud Light House, I haven't heard too much buzz about this one but I found it subtly clever:

Doritos Keep Your Hands off my Mama, it is kind of funny but aren't we past the precocious wise-cracking black child already?

Career Builder Casual Fridays. The new guy at work whom I now call "Work Smist" loved this one. That explains it:

Snickers Betty White and Abe Vigoda. Two classic comedians in the twilight of their careers joining forces for an hilarious commercial.


Damino said...

I love everything Betty White does, and that commercial was perfect.

I kind of liked the Leno/Letterman ad too. Nice to see some levity brought to a tense situation.

Juice said...

Couldn't believe the Leno/Oprah/Letterman commercial was legit...

Bill said...

Mama hands down. Betty and Letterman were good, but just okay like everything.

The Shuffle was "fresh", but I'm biased. Maury Bufford has an extended role on the website which is lame, but funny at the same time. The originally did this for charity in '85 and there was a big scandal with the money after that. It's a shame they did this just for the money.