Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why the SEC Never Caught Bernie Madoff

About two dozen SEC employees over the past two years have been caught using SEC computers to try to access porn Web sites.
One regional supervisor made 1,800 attempts over a 17-day period but was denied access by monitoring software.

The situation became a big enough problem that the SEC's inspector general has sent four internal reports on the topic to Congress over the past two years.

When in-house investigators confronted the horny supervisor, he admitted, "It was kind of a distraction, per se."

The pervy supervisor, after being grilled by internal investigators, said that porn-surfing by employees had been going on a long time, despite software aimed at blocking access to sex sites. The supervisor boasted that he found ways around the blocks by visiting one of many separate blogs containing smutty images.

"I would click on [a porn image] and it went to a blog that wasn't blocked," the supervisor said, according to SEC documents. The supervisor said he had been looking at porn at least twice a day "for a long time."

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